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Fire protection

Fire protection

At CIS Serra we offer security services in all aspects. We also offer, therefore, fire protection systems to anticipate and protect your home.

Fire protection

Automatic detection

We install automatic fire detection systems optionally connectable to our AMS for more control in filtering the signals.

  • Smoke detectors
  • Air analysis
Fire protection

Manual extinction

To control fires, we have the homologated approval for the installation of:

  • Extinguishing hoses
  • Dust extinguishers
Fire protection

Automatic extinction

For specific cases of high pressure with clean extinguishing agents, indicated in electrical or electronic equipment.

Maintenance and periodic review of facilities

Within the area of the Girona counties, we take responsibility for the maintenance of your detection and extinction systems through well-defined action programs. You can hire us your periodic review, since we are a certified company to develop these tasks with a full guarantee of professionalism, quick response and efficiency.

Renew your fire detection system now and connect it to our alarm center

4 Reasons to renew your system now:

Save your property

Today technology allows us to instantly know the initiation of a fire. Before, when the regulation allowed the use of ionic detectors, they were very efficient in that phase and were not affected by dust. Now only optics can be used, which do not discriminate between dust and smoke, producing a high percentage of false alarms. At CIS Serra we design, install and maintain a RELIABLE and FAST detection system to transmit information, in the absence of people, and to be able to save the goods.

Adapting to the new 2017 fire protection regulations

The entry into force of the new regulation for fire protection installations of December 12, 2017, requires that all new installations submit a technical project in front of the competent services in the field of Industry of the Autonomous Community. We also indicate that your equipment or its components bear the CE mark. The opportunity must be taken to raise the RENEWAL of your Fire Protection system.

Minimize false alarms

Intelligent detection systems individually recognize each of the detectors. We can sensitize them in relation to the area to be protected (dust, vapours, high temperatures, etc.) or the absence of people (time, intrusion alarm activated, etc.).

Be informed firsthand

The system allows to ALERT those responsible, transmitting SMS messages at the time of any alarm and through an application (APP).

Connect the fire protection system to our own Alarm Monitoring Station

  • Connection and surveillance 24h/365 days per year
  • Monitoring and discrimination of false alarms
  • Contact with the firefighters
  • In-person checks with key custody (not included)
  • * monthly, quarterly or annual financing

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