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Exterior securitysystems

Exterior security systems

If you need to protect the exterior of your home, such as the garden or access, we have the best solutions that adapt to any type of space.

With our products you can be safe inside the house while the accesses and surroundings are protected. We can offer you everything from detectors to video surveillance cameras.

Among the multitude of available devices, we highlight the following

Magnetic contacts

These devices allow to control the accesses to the house, being placed in the different doors or windows. They allow, therefore, to detect intruders before they access the house and can notify security teams faster.

Micro glass break detectors via cable or via radio

These detectors attached to the windows of the home detect the breakage of the glass before they are completely broken. They are ideal for windows on the ground floor, windows on balconies or skylights in the ceiling.

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Perimeter detectors with Head Vision

These cameras with a built-in detector are the latest technology in perimeter protection. It is a camera that detects intrusions and triggers the alarm automatically. This way you get the detector function but at the same time you record the person who is committing the intrusion.

Likewise, these cameras are intelligent. For example, if the camera detects that every day a shadow or object passes in front of the camera, it automatically knows that it is not an intrusion attempt and does not trigger the alarm.

Perimeter barriers

These infrared barriers act as barriers to enter or exit. They can be placed in windows or doors or for longer distances.

They are formed by two devices placed in two different points. Both devices are connected to each other by infrared rays, invisible to the human eye, which will trigger the alarm if they are passed through.

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