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Alarm Monitoring Station (AMS)

Our commitment, your safety

The Alarm Monitoring Station CiS Serra is safe 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  • Our Monitoring Station, operative since 1991, is the main distinguishing element of our company.
  • The Alarm Monitoring Station is located in a high protection space within the headquarters in Girona.
  • It is in permanent alert 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to attend the incidents of the subscribers and act accordingly.

We are the only security company in the Girona region
with its own Alarm Monitoring Station

What services does our AMS offer?

  • Registration, update and control of user codes remotely.
  • Monitoring and discrimination of alarms.
  • Contact with the Security Forces and / or those responsible according to the protocol.
  • Tests and revisions
  • Monitoring of power failure and low battery.
  • Quarterly lists of incidents by email.
  • Connection control.
  • In-person checks and custody of keys.
  • Video verification of images and content analysis.
  • Reception of fire detection signals.

How does our AMS work?

1. Reception of the alarm signal

GThanks to the attention 24 hours a day, we can receive alarm signals at any time and act accordingly.

2. Verification of the signal

To detect if an alarm is false or not, we use several procedures:

  • Sensory verification: Our alarm packs are made up of different connected sensors. In Catalonia, they have to go off at least 3 times between 2 sensors from different areas. For example, the dining room going off 2 times and the kitchen once. Or, you have to go off once and, in addition, there must be a breakdown (phone line cut, for example). When these cases occur, we notify the police directly.
  • In-person verification: what happens if only 1 zone is fired and you cannot notify the police? If you have the service contracted, one of our security agents will go to the address to do an external verification. If the intrusion is confirmed the Mossos are called and our agent will give them the keys of your house so they can enter.
  • Verification by image: In case of having cameras in the facilities, our AMS will immediately check the images. In case of detecting intruders, the police is notified immediately.

3. Notice to security forces

Once the alarm is verified, we contact directly with the relevant security bodies so that the appropriate protocol is activated. In case of having the service contracted, one of our security agents will travel to the affected facilities quickly to deliver the keys to the police and facilitate their entry.