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Alarm systems

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By trusting us you will not have to worry about the security of your assets and investments. Likewise, you will not have to worry about the safety of your workers or clients in case a robbery or theft could be carried out in your presence.


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Industrial pavilion

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For businesses or small businesses we recommend our packs:

Alarm systems


Ideal for all types of households.
Homologated integral alarm system that includes:

  • Central of 8 elements expandable to 32 elements with 2 partitions, both with cable and radio.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fully tactile keyboard .
  • Exterior siren.
  • 3 latest generation detectors (they detect movement, temperature and are anti-camouflage).
  • Cabling system.
Alarm systems


The bestSMART solution in security.
State-of-the-art integral alarm system that includes:

  • Central of 5 elements expandable to 32 elements with 2 partitions, both with cable and radio.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Fully tactilekeyboard .
  • IP communicator with APP for the phone.
  • Remote control with visual confirmation indicator.
  • Exterior siren.
  • 3 latest generation detectors (they detect movement, temperature and are anti-camouflage).
  • Cabling system.

Connect the system to our own Alarm Monitoring Station

  • Connection and surveillance 24h/365 days per year.
  • Monitoring and discrimination of alarms
  • Contact with security forces
  • Annual reviews program
  • Technical maintenance (includes labor) (with higher quotas)
  • In person visits with custody of key (with higher quotas)
  • * monthly, quarterly or annual financing



Know our systems


Alarm systems

* Aplicació disponible amb el pack SMART

CIS SERRA security systems, for individuals, businesses or industrial buildings, are installed with cable(without the need for work), to make them immune to the use of frequency inhibitors that may prevent the activation of the alarm system.

With this system you get the same security as in establishments like banks and jewellery stores.

All our alarms also incorporate at least one inaccessible outdoor siren.

The use of the system is very simple. The user has at least one touch keyboard where he can check the status of the system at any time (power status, battery status, status of different sensors, open zones, produced alarm memory and the status of the connection with the Alarm Monitoring Station).

You can also connect and disconnect the alarm by dialling the personal code or by the use of a proximity card.

Likewise, the SMART system allows the use of commands via radio and personal Smartphones that facilitate, even, viewing the cameras remotely.

Our control panels can activate the alarm completely or partially. That means that for example we can activate or deactivate certain detectors separately. This is especially useful, for example when you are in the dining room but you want to keep the bedroom detector activated. Or when you want the detectors in the garden to activate during the night, without having to activate those in the house too.


The devices of our systems are very sophisticated.

Our detectors are dual technology. These differ from those of one technology because, apart from incorporating the detection of hot bodies and infrared movement, they also incorporate microwave detection.

The device will detect, even if it is not a hot body, any movement that interferes with the waves it emits. Likewise, our detectors are also anti-camouflage. Intruders will be detected even if they wear wetsuits or other elements of distraction.

Alarm systems

We put at your disposal only the best technology


Local Alarms ADT Prosegur Securitas CiS Serra
Sensor with camera
Perimeter sensor
Power cut
Kit independent siren
Web /app control no
In person guard no no
Own AMS no
Installation with cables (without works) no no
Double communication channel with AMS si no no

Check green = Service available and included in fee.
Check red = Service available not included in fee.
Cross = Service not available.

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