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Intrusion and robbery

We know that your business is very important for you. That’s why in CiS SERRA we have a solution against intrusions and robberies right for you. We install and maintain a burglar alarm adapted to your business. To achieve better security and avoid system inhibition we offer you a wire alarm basic kit that includes an alarm central panel, a keypad, detectors and/or door sensors and outdoor alarm siren.

Maximum safety

If what you want is a security of highest quality for your business a team of engineers in CiS SERRA carry out tailor-made projects that integrate all the systems to adapt them to the necessities of your business.

Security for your business intrusion and robbery. Grup Serra.

Video surveillance

Security for your business intrusion and robbery. Grup Serra.

The video surveillance is a perfect security system to guarantee maximum safety inside and outside of your business. It’s about a system of intelligent cameras that capture images of the protected area. An analytical software they have permits to detect an intrusion by capturing a person’s image and sending a signal to the CMS to respond quickly.

With this video analysis system you can be conneted to the software by means of fixed or mobile devices and at all moments see the images of your business premises. The video surveillance cameras can dispose of night vision and thermal imaging and cannot be covered, cut off or turned because the image loss automatically triggers the alarm. In the event the Central Monitoring Station receives an alarm signal from video analytical system it can activate sirens, lower blinds or turn up the lights to avoid a final intrusion.

Perimeter alarm

Using diferent security systems we protect your business outdoor premises and detect an intrusion from the first moment. We keep safe your office, plant or industry and look after the safety from our Central Monitoring Station.

Security for your business intrusion and robbery. Grup Serra.

Tecnical signals

Do you want us to inform you about any incident that can affect your commercial property? A power cut, a descent of temperature in one place or a flood... To avoid big problems like these ones CiS SERRA offers you alerting systems for different situations that allow you to be in absolute control of your business and respond rapidly in the event of an incident.

Access and/or presence control

If you want to be sure in safe and efficient access to any place, a public zone, a commercial building or a private property, CiS SERRA provides you with individual solutions to keep track of people or vehicles.

We also have tecnological solutions you need to control an access to restricted zones and ensure non-authorized persones could not enter private area you want to protect.

Besides you will have a detailed report of comings, goings and the presence of people and vehicles inside the buiding at all times.

Chimes and enunciator systems

Our team also offers you the possibility to install chimes and enunciator system to make a group announcements in your company: supermarkets, shopping molls, factories, workshops, etc.

Fires: detection and extinction

In CiS SERRA we are propely authorized and tecnically trained to be able to install, maintain and service your fire alarm, fire hoses (i.e. equipped hydrants) and fire extinguishers.

The installed anti-fire facilities will be permanently connected to the Central Monitoring Station to support a work of firemen.


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